Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm going to Marshall next year, and I get a brand new start... Literally. I don't know anybody there, they don't know me, and everything about me is completely unknown. Ahhh I'm still so confused... The school counselor came and took me out of class today to talk about my behavior and attitude. Basically she came to chastise me about my racism. I can't really help how I feel, and she agrees I suppose; she just gets mad that I actually have to say stuff. I told her that part of it was being raised in an environment where I stronly say my feelings. Some people call it bitchy, I call it blunt. I say what I mean and think; I hate people who always cover up their real feelings for fear of hurting people. I don't know! While talking with her, we were talking about how things, and I was getting really upset because it's too late in the year to change anything. If I'm unhappy about the friend situation and my life situation, I can't really change it now, it's too late. I keep telling myself "next year, next year, it will all be different next year, I can change then" but will I actually?

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