Thursday, June 4, 2009

De temps en temps

Yeah I know I haven't written in a while, it's been really busy with all of the end of year stuff going on. We just finished our last SOLs today (YAY!); the geography one. We also got our scores back, and I got a 598. A 598!!!!! What the hell!?!?!?! That means I got ONE wrong! Argh! Whatever, I'm never going to be some perfect brain-child. I got a 488 on the Algebra SOL, and a 560 on the Science on. I feel so stupid. This is one of those moments where you want to whack your head continually on the keyboard. Mrs Michael-Burns even said something the other day that is partially inducing this anxiety attack: "You could be a straight-A student if you just tried". Ahhhh yes I know I could but I have to shape up my work ethic! Goddammit I really do!!! It pisses me off how lazy I am. Like it's not even like I have anything I could be doing instead of homework. I just don't do it. And I don't study. I NEED TO SHAPE UP! NOW. What the hell it's too late for this now so I really gotta get in shape for high school; I am taking a Pre-IB curriculum and AP World History, so I really have to be good; damn! Ahhh anyway sorry for the tirade.

Also, I'm finally getting a phone on Saturday! :D Finally! I'm getting the Samsung Trance...
Ahhh also my birthday is in exactly a week! June 11th babayyyy and end of school year.... Well now I'm just rambling so peace


  1. Well, my work etchic is worse, by this point in the year, I do all of my homework during TA and lunch, and I haven't studied the whole year. Still, why the hell didn't you get into W&L? You're smarter than 75% of the kids that got in, and you havn't earned 1 C at TJ. And you're already amazingly good at Geography and History, so don't be lazy, but stop stressing out!

  2. Actually I've earned 3 Cs: one in 6th grade, and 2 this year

    And thanks Bryan.... hahaha I know life sucks. I don't even know...