Sunday, May 24, 2009

A travesty of sorts

I've erased and rewritten and erased and rewritten what I was originally going to post here. Just thinking about it, what are we actually supposed to write about in these things that people want to hear that isn't just me griping about problems which in reality are not really that important? Why should anybody hear what I have to say about anything unless they are truly bored? I am not President Obama, I am not Oprah Winfrey, I am Dorian Cupero, who's life is minimally comparable to the formerly mentioned. This kinda goes hand in hand with What is the meaning of life? Like really, what is the meaning of Facebook or blogging? Do YOU want to hear what I have to say? It doesn't apply to you, and most likely you know me, so you know about me anyway, so it really doesn't matter. I don't even know why I'm having this conversation with myself. I think in my mini-depression I've become more philosophical... Hopefully that's a change for the better because my life could get much worse and I'd not like for that to happen.

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