Monday, May 25, 2009

The Cello

So I play the cello right? Well I was just sitting there, listening to music online, a band called Apocalyptica in particular. Let me tell you about Apocalyptica first:
They are an amazing band comprised of four classically trained Finnish cellists... AND they play HEAVYYYY METAL on the CELLO!
Well, listening to them made me want to cry tears of joy... I love the cello so much and until now I lacked motivation to play it, but now listening to Apocalyptica makes me want to carry my cello around with me and play it all the time. To play as incredibly as these men do would be a life dream. Like words can't even express how I feel about this... I know it's kind of retarded to feel this way about the cello but listening to them is just an overwhelming feeling of happiness.
It pisses me off how most classical things or even things we play in orchestra are centered on the violin. Yes, the violin makes gorgeous music, but every time I say I play cello, and someone else says they play the violin, the violinist is more appreciated because how well they play is more evident. Maybe this is why I embrace such music as Apocalyptica, even though their music won't ever be regarded as classic.
Ahh I know I sound like a lunatic but really. You have to listen to them and even if you don't play the cello, you have to appreciate their playing. Because this is some really hard stuff... And they are just the top of the top, possibly rivaling Yo-Yo Ma, except there are four of them.
I think I'm done ranting... I'm sorry but I just had to share that... They make me so happy to listen to them! Haha well I have no words left to say...

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