Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I did it?

Okay so today was promotion from 8th grade, and everybody was all CONGRATULATIONS YOU DID IT!
Um, no offense to our teachers, but it's like the law. We have to go to public school. They weren't congratulating us on stellar grades (most of us anyway) or anything, but like honestly, it wasn't that hard. Whatever.
We're done with 8th grade, done with middle school. Hurray? I don't know I suppose I'm happy to leave and have a new beginning but everybody? I'm going to miss them sooooo much! Ugh whatever I sound like a preppy caffeinated teenage girl.
Fuck it all you know.

Yay here comes summer! What the fuck I don't even really care. Why am I writing this?

Why am I continuing to type if I have nothing to say...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Long time no write

Wow so a lot happened! I know I need to keep writing!
June 11th: My birthdayy! Yay I'm 14 now... Am I supposed to feel any different? Because I don't. Whatever it doesn't matter...
Blaaah I also got a phoneee! :) the enV3... it's pretty good and finally! I know I've been waiting a very long time
Ummm Kings Dominion at school?
But wow you really don't want to hear this so I'll write about other stuff

So 8th grade promotion is tomorrow... I'm so sad! Since I'm going to Marshall High School and leaving all my dear darling friends behind, I've broken down crying for the past couple of nights. What am I going to do without these people? I love them so much! They're a part of me! I can't just shrug them off!!! Yeah I'll make new friends but I want the old ones that I have now. It's actually very depressing. Plus I didn't get to go to that Fleetwood Mac concert that I desperately wanted to go to. Sorry that was irrelevant but I'm listening to Silver Springs, one of their big hits so I just started thinking about it. Goddammit this is so freaking retarded. Karma is a stupid bitch that likes to hurt people. Yes, I'd like to believe that this is karma hurting me right now. AHH whateverrrrrrr

Plus another thing that's hurting is recently a very good friend kind of left my friend group to join another group which I am on good terms with but not besties... He's been acting so different and mean. I miss the old guy who used to be like my best friend! I guess it's fitting he turned into an ass as I'm leaving. Dude I don't want even want to talk about this anymore. Peace out.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

De temps en temps

Yeah I know I haven't written in a while, it's been really busy with all of the end of year stuff going on. We just finished our last SOLs today (YAY!); the geography one. We also got our scores back, and I got a 598. A 598!!!!! What the hell!?!?!?! That means I got ONE wrong! Argh! Whatever, I'm never going to be some perfect brain-child. I got a 488 on the Algebra SOL, and a 560 on the Science on. I feel so stupid. This is one of those moments where you want to whack your head continually on the keyboard. Mrs Michael-Burns even said something the other day that is partially inducing this anxiety attack: "You could be a straight-A student if you just tried". Ahhhh yes I know I could but I have to shape up my work ethic! Goddammit I really do!!! It pisses me off how lazy I am. Like it's not even like I have anything I could be doing instead of homework. I just don't do it. And I don't study. I NEED TO SHAPE UP! NOW. What the hell it's too late for this now so I really gotta get in shape for high school; I am taking a Pre-IB curriculum and AP World History, so I really have to be good; damn! Ahhh anyway sorry for the tirade.

Also, I'm finally getting a phone on Saturday! :D Finally! I'm getting the Samsung Trance...
Ahhh also my birthday is in exactly a week! June 11th babayyyy and end of school year.... Well now I'm just rambling so peace