Friday, July 3, 2009

Everything and maybe a little less...

I really need to stop writing in this so sporadically.
Okay here's the missed flow of consciousness that greatly needs to be published:

Okay just because Michael Jackson is dead, must we treat him as a god or a martyr?
Here's what I posted as my Facebook status on June 28th:
"okay what I think is really funny is that now that Michael Jackson is dead everybody is like Oh My Gawd he was a saint and he made AhMazing music! Well, yeah, he had some really good stuff, but, to get to the point, he molested little boys and was a pedophile. Since when was that right...? RIP Michael Jackson?"
That received quite a reaction as you can imagine, some comments being:
"Its not that we forgot about his problems , its just that his music legacy is so much bigger! You either remember Micheal for his music or the problems he had! And i'm pretty sure most people go with the first one, thats why you hear their remembrance with good words." Many of the comments sounded much like this. Another different comment was: "I agree. No amount of really good music makes up for ruining a child's life."
I wrote back, incredibly annoyed:
"yeah I know [about Michael Jackson being freaky]! Anybody who takes feminine estrogen treatments (which he did) and gets his skin changed (which he did) and wears makeup (which he did), is creepy in my mind!"
Someone backed me up by saying:
"i dont even like his music that much.. in my opinion the beatles were the best band/singer.. yeah, he was a great PERFORMER and made modern "pop" popular, but he's not the best singer in any way. and he's pretty mentally fucked up.. if someone who didn't have all that money and fame molested children, changed his skin color, had plastic surgery that much, and injected himself with estrogen, everyone would be like WHAT THE FUCK."
My personal favorite comment is that of my dear sweet mother:
"He was a good entertainer, and as a child, truly gifted, but he was also about as mentally ill as they come - the non-sadistic pedophile is the correct term - and he needed all the people who claimed that they loved him to intervene and put him in therapy instead of living off of the money he made and pretending that he wasn't in need of a psychiatrist"
Yeah. So. Hahahahaha
That's that........

Yep I'm leaving for camp on Monday. I'm scared. It will be the longest time I will have ever been away from home. I'm going to Concordia Language Villages, a camp in Bemidji, Minnesota, that started as an idea from the Concordia college based there as well. They have a lot of different languages but I'm doing French this year, and possibly Swedish next year. I'll be there for two weeks! It's total immersion and the architecture and food is French and everything. It should be an AMAZING experience :)

I also have a hunkering to learn Welsh. Or Gaelic. Is Welsh even a language? Whatever the language that the Welsh speak. It's like, Ilycymbyrwydd. I just made up that word but it probably is a word in Welsh anyway because their words are so odd like that. Polish is like that too, with all the totally unpronouncable words in English: Sczyrsbykazsc. I made that up too. But stuff like that.